Welcome to Tuapse district

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Welcome to the Tuapse District

The Tuapse District is a competitive territory with a strong potential for the implementation of the most challenging ideas. The Municipal Formation is located in the south-west of the Krasnodar Region, between the resorts cities of Gelendzhik and Bolshoy Sochi. The length of its territory is 80 km from north to south, and 45 km from east to west. The region has all climatic advantages of the south of the European part of Russia and covers an area of ​​239.9 thousand hectares.

The Tuapse District includes 3 urban and 7 rural settlements with a total population of more than 130.2 thousand people; the urban population is 79.4 thousand people, and the rural population is 50.8 thousand people. The administrative center of the Tuapse District is the city of Tuapse, which is a major transport hub and is of vital importance for Russia. A unique railway outlet to the sea in this region of the North Caucasus passes through the city. Tuapse is an ice-free port of Russia on the Black Sea where petroleum products are reloaded for export, and the only deep-sea port that is engaged in the coal transportation for export.

The district economic potential is represented practically by all sectors of economy which are available in the Krasnodar Region. The most significant of them are as follows: processing industries, transport industry, as well as sanatorium and resort complex.

There are more than 400 institutions of the resort complex, which are ready to simultaneously accept more than 60 thousand vacationers in the territory of the district.

The Tuapse District is a territory for dynamic development and excellent prospects with a powerful industrial and transport potential, a pearl of the Black Sea coast, a health resort that is famous for its unique nature and a SPA complex.

We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation and development of your business!

Head of the Municipal Formation Tuapse District
Sidorenko Sergey Genadievich