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August 14, 2017 / Investment

Business in China is interested in investment in Krasnodar’s projects

Vasiliy Shvets, Head of the Department for Investments and Development of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship of the Krasnodar Region, and Yevgeniy Pervyshov, Head of Krasnodar,..

August 10, 2017 / Announcements and results of actions

European business explores a possibility of opening an engineering center in Krasnodar

Top managers of a Swedish-Swiss consortium ABB Ltd. Coordinator Strategic Development (ABB) consider Krasnodar as a prospective forum for opening their engineering center.

August 1, 2017 / Announcements and results of actions

A meeting of the Advisory Council on foreign investments took place in Krasnodar under chairmanship of Veniamin Kondratyev

Sergey Altukhov, Vice-Governor, heads of line departments and business reps took part in the event, as reported by the Press-service of the administration of Krasnodar region.

July 25, 2017 / Announcements and results of actions

A charging station for electric vehicles opened in Krasnodar

The first in the region stationary charging station for electric vehicles started operating in Krasnodar.

July 18, 2017 / Investment

The first charging stations for electric vehicles to appear at parking lots in Krasnodar by the end of july

The Head of the region Veniamin Kondratyev told the journalists from RBC information agency about this.

July 7, 2017 / Investment

Krasnodar "Magnit" invests into the establishment of a distributor

According to the mass media, JSC «Magnit» plans to establish a distributor with the branches spread across the country regions.

April 10, 2017 / Investment

Rabbit-breeding fallopian selective farm will appear in Starominsky district

Project implementation agreement was concluded in frames of International Investment Forum "Sochi 2016" between administration of the municipal formation of Starominsky District and LLC "Pancrol Yug".

March 31, 2017 / Announcements and results of actions

The Japanese delegation became familiarized with the economic and investment potential of Krasnodar region

The joint mission of the Embassy of Japan, Japanese Business Club and prefecture of Yamaguti headed Toehisha Kodzuki, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan in Russia, visited the enterprises of Kuban for three days.

March 22, 2017 / Foreign economic activity

The delegation from Japan to visit Krasnodar region

It is planned that the visit will take place at the end of March 2017.

March 21, 2017 / Foreign economic activity

The British business mission started its work in Krasnodar region

The meeting between Veniamin Kondratyev and Laurie Bristow, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in RF, was held within the framework of the business program.

March 14, 2017 / Investment

German engineering company petkus technologie gmbh plans to locate its manufacturing on the territory of Krasnodar region

Vice-Governor of Krasnodar region Sergey Altukhov and CEO of PETKUS Technologie GmbH Mark Scholze have discussed the cooperation conditions during the meeting occurred in Krasnodar.

March 6, 2017 / Investment

The software to support the investment projects will be developed in Krasnodar region

The upgrading of the investment project support system in Kuban has become one of the topics on agenda in the regional meeting on economic and investment development of Krasnodar region held today in Krasnodar under the chair of Veniamin Kondratyev.

March 1, 2017 / Announcements and results of actions

Veniamin Kondratyev commented on the outcomes of the Russian investment forum

The delegation of Krasnodar region concluded 200 minutes and agreements in the investment sphere for a total amount of 140 billion rubles over two days of the Forum work that will take place in Sochi in February 27-28.

February 27, 2017 / Investment

More than 100 agreements for the amount of over 66 billion rubles were concluded during the first day of the Russian investment forum

The Vice-Governor Sergey Altukhov told journalists from the federal and regional mass media about the first outcomes of Sochi forum.

February 20, 2017 / Investment

February 17, 2017 / Investment

Krasnodar region to present a project on the production and storage of bitumen, oil products and asphalt at the Russian investment forum

It is planned to construct the industrial facility in the Cossack village Bryukhovetskaya on the basis of a non-operating transportation enterprise.

February 9, 2017 / Investment

The government of Russia approved the target models of simplification of business keeping procedures and improvement of investment attractiveness of the regions

12 target models present a set of certain changes in regional and municipal legislation enabling to dramatically reduce the terms for receiving these or those conclusions,..

February 3, 2017 / Investment

Slavyansky district to present an investment project based on the enterprise in the process of liquidation

LLC "Slavyansky Glass Manufacturing Plant" is in bankruptcy process.

February 3, 2017 / Investment

Heads of the largest companies will take part in the Russian investment forum in Sochi

Around 4 thousand people have applied to participate in the Forum.

January 25, 2017 / Investment

Kuban to present a large-scale project in agricultural & industrial complex at the Russian investment forum in Sochi

The investors will be able to assess the prospects of the construction of a dairy & commodity farm for 2500 units of cattle of highly productive breeds.